Philosophy & Difference

GreenAir Engineering approaches renewable energy systems entirely differently than most companies.   We believe in maximizing system efficiency, reliability and providing the longest warranty in the industry.    Our objective is to maximize the reduction in utility company purchased energy and lower not only customers’ bills in the process but also their carbon footprint. Having hot water or electricity when you want it at a fraction of the current customer’s cost is our only goal.  

GreenAir Engineering is an affiliate of the Aveo group of companies:


Aveo Engineering designs the most  technologically-advanced and coolest LED lighting in the world!  Having created a dramatic paradigm shift in the aerospace lighting industry, Aveo is now recognized as the preferred custom light supplier to virtually all the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers - from small sport and business aircraft to commercial airliners and the burgeoning private space vehicles industry, as well as every major global defense aerospace company.  Aveo enjoys over 70% market share in the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) market and is the exclusive provider of conformal, demanding environment lights operating up to 80,000 feet and at temperatures to minus 90 Celsius (-130F) without any heating element.  Aveo engineering also manufactures proprietary designs using our patented and trade secret technologies for a wide variety of industries outside of aviation.

AveoShark™ Marine LED Lighting

Bringing the incredible performance, way-cool design and unmatched harsh environment performance of our aerospace market lights to marine lighting was a logical extension for Aveo.  As a boat owner or boat builder, you will appreciate the character of Aveo Shark. 

Aveo has put its incredible technology into the most robust (unbreakable), compact and high performance marine lighting for the recreation, commercial and  military markets from the boat builder to the U.S. Navy.

AveoGo™ Vehicle LED Lighting

For on-road police, fire or emergency vehicles or off-road ATV, transport or construction vehicles, NOTHING beats an AveoGo™ waterproof, shockproof, glare-free and low-profile conformal vehicle light.  From Lamborghini race cars to off-road monster trucks, AveoGo lights are the world’s brightest and sleekest.

EmergiStrobe™ Safety LED Lighting

Emergency lights for today’s market are dinosaurs.  They are large, easily-breakable and optically deficient.  Aveo has channeled its ground-breaking technology into developing robust (unbreakable) compact and low-drag and energy-efficient emergency lighting products.  No finer and more durable products are available for the harsh operating conditions of mining operations, construction vehicles, offshore oil rigs, transport vehicles, towers or bridges/buildings.

Strojkov Engineering™ Design Engineering & Product Development

Strojkov is a world-class design house with over twelve years experience providing CAD, new product and product improvement design work for global companies in the aerospace, construction equipment, materials transport, renewable energy and electronics product industries.  Strojkov’s  innovative engineering will break paradigms and revitalize your existing product lines or quickly create new product designs for your business.

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